The need for the ‘human touch’ in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing in all its forms and glories is now the modern age advertising platform for brands. However, that doesn’t mean that it goes without its faults… we saw this first hand on my post about YouTube’s boycott, where the situation is getting worst before it gets better while companies in Australia are starting to pull out.

Which brings up the issue of how the lack of human touch in digital marketing can have devastating effects, if not executed right. Customers have the power to make or break brands in posts with as little of 120 characters, as these messages are delivered through the hyper-connected world in milliseconds. Now is the time for brands to demonstrate their credibility, transparency and honesty in order for consumers to trust their brand. But unfortunately that simply isn’t enough anymore, brands have to be able develop a human connection to their brands. The journal article Brand Love is in the Heart: Physiological Reading to Advertised Brands talks about the connection consumers feels to its brands and the important implications of it.

How to connect to consumers through digital marketing

Whether you’re a business who’s about to enter the digital marketing platform, or just want to improve on your techniques, these points of focus will definitely benefit your brand.


In order to best represent your brand, it is important to choose a voice that best represents it. This might depend on the products/services you are providing as well as how your website is set up. Voices might be delivered as humorous, funny, laid back or serious with the potential of a combination of these. It is important to research your client base first before deciding what type of voice to use!


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Take off the mask and be authentic! The more a brand is viewed as being honest and whose actions align with their core values, the more likely it will connect with consumers on a more personal level.
Gone are the days of just blatantly advertising to the audience, you have to show that you value the customer… being compassionate in understanding their problems and offering genuine solutions will have a great positive impact!
Another point to mention is that as humans can make mistakes, brands can as well, so own up to it! Remember, people love to recall all the negative aspects of a brand first… so this is the time to demonstrate your integrity.

Build intimacy

Don’t simple just promote your brand. Interact with your audience. As you build relationships upon relationships, it is serving to create a sense of loyalty and value to the brand. Customer service is a great opportunity to effectively build intimacy. Exceed their expectations when assisting with their enquiries, deliver that superior service over your competitors while never skipping out on the quality! This can range from a simple thank you tweet or replying to customers via the comment section.


With the high influx of digital campaigns you need to stand out from the rest! Be innovative or engage in recent trends and news to shout out that you are current and up to date. You may also want to identify influencers in your field which can assist you in gaining new target audiences. Through them posting on their private social media platforms while promoting your brand or participating in give away contests, these will increase exposure! Just make sure your influencer matches with your product/service!!

Also…pictures are more engaging than just a few lines of text. Images that are visually appealing provide a better quality value to the experience. If you needed more convincing Facebook has downgraded the ranking for line only posts from brands, as consumers are less likely to be engaged with it. You could also add links to your posts to add even more content.


Be Human

Source: Twitter

Brands that are able to promote their brands through real-time events are more likely to gain more followers. Take DiGiorno Pizza for example, who live-tweeted a series of tweets about NBC’s ”The Sound of Music Live!” making references to to the broadcast in reference to its songs, moves and their pizza! When posts are entertaining, funny and includes users in on the joke, they couldn’t care less about the self-promotional message!


It’s important to track the performance of your posts! Whether you use Google Analytics or Facebook’s Page Insights feature, make sure you adjust your strategies in accordance with the data. This will enable you to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.


Check out this article on ‘Why digital marketing works’ and how it improves the growth of a brand.


2 thoughts on “The need for the ‘human touch’ in Digital Marketing

  1. Very good post, I agree that branding and online marketing can get a bit robotic. So ensuring that the brand personality still has human-based emotions to appeal to certain target markets is very important to pull away from the tide of getting too digital!

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  2. Great post! I think this concept is very important to create brand loyalty in todays world. Consumers are looking for authentic brands that connect with them on a personal level. Consumers are exposed to a huge quantity of advertising, so it is crucial to be a quality brand who engages with their audience.

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