Is this the new innovative approach to job hiring?


Most of us are only familiar with brands using social media to gain exposure, engage with consumers and drive sales… but now McDonald’s is now using Snapchat to recruit its newest employees! Yep you read that right, the fast food chain has created a lens within Snapchat which shows the job seeker in a McDonald’s uniform, who then sends a 10 second snap showcasing their skills and personality to the fast food chain. Once its sent, a more formal interview is pursued by the ‘Snaplicants’ through their website.

Source: Snapchatdaily

Aside from the fact that you basically have to sum up your whole ‘why should I be hired’ in 10 seconds (You would see me record 100 different versions before I sent the final one),  in my opinion, McDonald’s has hit the mark with this one! Why? Because it connects to their target audience through a medium that is relevant and fun!

Mark Wheeler, the director of digital marketing at McDonald’s, said ““Our priority is on delivering more easy and enjoyable ways for people to interact with us so it made sense to engage with young people on a platform we know they are on. The ‘Snaplications’ lens is about giving young people the opportunity to interact with us, on their terms.”
McDonald’s is the first brand to create a Snapchat Lens.

According to News, 65 percent of the McDonald’s workforce is under the age of 18 and 82 percent of the 4 million users of Snapchat are young… which begs the question, will this be the new innovative way to recruit the young generation? After screening applicants, they took the advantage to follow up the Snapchat lens with Snapchat ads promoting their career opportunities.

Now although McDonalds is the first company to create a SnapChat Lens, according to Snapchatdaily, it isn’t the first to accept job applications through Snapchat. Check out this Snaplication that secured Kyle Neuner’s job at MetroStar.

In my view, this process is a great way for employers to get a glimpse into the type of personality they will be hiring to represent them, which can definitely impact the hiring decision process. It allows to evaluate their customer service potential and whether they will fit into the work culture.

So how did this innovative approach effect McDonald’s? By making the job process more fun and relaxing through a popular social medium, it associates McDonald’s with being cool, fun and different. Definitely sharing the important values of the younger generation.

Do you think this new digital job application process will be pursued by other brands? Or just is it just a one-off thing? Let me know in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Is this the new innovative approach to job hiring?

  1. I think this is an amazing innovation in terms of making the whole hiring experience a memorable one. By using Snapchat it really hones in on the user to get creative as well as feel comfortable, like you said. We are so used to using Snapchat for the lol’s and show casing snippets of our lives so it’s easier for future employers to see the type of personality the employee has. I think for fast food chains, and even some retailers this is a really appropriate form of communication in terms of finding potential employees within that age bracket. But I do also feel as though this ‘snapplicant’ process will very much bring in a lot of people doing it for a laugh and banter, so it could potentially be a waste of resources!

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    1. Good point! That didn’t cross my mind at all, there definitely would be a lot of teens just doing it for the laugh or to pass time… so maybe in the future they should require ‘Snaplicants’ to first fill in their personal details or more formal interview questions which would then give them the ability to send a snap? This would at least deter people for doing it just for fun !

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  2. Wow this actually sounds so stressful, imagine having to sell yourself in 10 seconds, thats even shorter than the 30 second elevator pitch!
    I do understand the appeal, and why they’ve done it to target the millennials, however I don’t think its fair.

    It’s not fair of companies to ask people to sum themselves up in 10 seconds. I think it shows that the companies don’t have the time I can’t be bothered to put more time aside for each candidate. I understand that they would then do a second round of the hiring process and then set up interviews, but I just dont think its fair.

    What if someone doesn’t have a good quality camera on their phone? What if they cant afford a fancy phone?
    What if someone’s camera is broken on their phone?

    I think maybe it would be more if you could apply for the job through a different platform as well. I think if you want to apply for the job through the website, than that should be allowed, and it should not be exclusively through SnapChat.

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    1. Yes it would definitely be a big disadvantage for those without a good quality functioning phone camera, as they won’t be able to fully showcase themselves. However, they do get to follow up a more ‘formal’ interview process through their website! I didn’t mention it was through their website though, so I’ve edited that in!

      I couldn’t even imagine if McDonald’s was only hiring through the Snapchat platform, I’d predict so many problems arising and complaints of the interview process for sure!


  3. Famously difficult to entice in the job market, millennial candidates are heading to Snapchat in droves. Hence, I do feel that Snapchat is slowly becoming an effective platform for businesses to recruit potential millennial employees. As a hiring manager, it gives you the freedom to showcase how creative your communication skills are and gives candidates the opportunity to display attributes that are hard to get across within the confines of a CV. However, since social media ads are costly, I do recommend businesses to carefully plan out a strategy and fully understanding how it all works before diving straight into social media apps like Snapchat as a recruitment tool.

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    1. I agree with you there, I believe its a great way for employers to have a bit of an insight into how their future employee’s will fit into their work culture. However, maybe longer than 10 seconds would be better this time!
      They could always just advertise their ads through Facebook pages or Instagram accounts as well, I believe that would be an effective medium to its target age.


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