VMO’s Programmatic Product – More Harm Than Good?

Imagine walking with your friends in a busy shopping centre, and for the sake of this scenario imagine your group were of the same ethnicity and age. Its been a long day so you all decide to take five and watch some TV commercials while resting your legs. When suddenly it stops mid-way and an advertisement more catered to your ‘tastes’ based on your demographic appears. This is what VMO’s new programmatic product is aiming to do, using real time audience applications allowing advertisers to deliver highly personalised content in a range of outdoor settings. This could include shopping centres, gyms, busy city intersections or even at events.

Source: Bandt

VMO’s Digital Outdoor Audiences in Real Time (DART) measurement system can detect up to 18 unique demographic profiles. Being able to cross reference multiple profiles with the most ‘effective’ ads.

VMO managing director, Anthony Deeble said “VMO Programmatic is changing the way out of home is able to engage – truly targeting the right audience with accuracy and relevance at the right time.” But no matter how ‘accurate’ it may be, it won’t be able to 100% judge a persons needs and wants based solely on their profile. It just won’t happen. I can already envision the repercussions of such a product, consumers protesting at racial discrimination and even boycotting the products that are supposedly more tuned for them…

Another question to ask is whether 18 demographic profiles are enough for such  targeted advertisements? It seems too broad at best, but maybe that is the goal? It also gives insights into what the brand itself thinks of its target market, potentially causing backlash to its brand reputation.

Check out the video below to see a demonstration on how it works !


Aside from the possible negative outcomes this product could have on the public, I do feel advertisers could be missing out on potential sales by doing this… I mean I’m pretty sure all of us have at sometime in the past been intrigued by a certain product or service that we thought we would have never given an afterthought to. So in the end consumers and advertisers could end up missing on something valuable!

What do you think of the product? Do you think it is more beneficial than it is harmful?


2 thoughts on “VMO’s Programmatic Product – More Harm Than Good?

  1. I agree that this type of technology will potentially do more harm than good. While demographic used to have a huge bearing on what products and services individuals purchased, I think it is becoming a much less important factor. I think that my beliefs, interests and experiences have a greater influence on what I purchase than my age, ethnicity and income do.

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